I'm using a cradle to sync my PocketPC2003 via PC, I got several sync problems.
1. Does GMS store any mail(include attachment) and PIM data. I access http://gmsserver in PC web browser, I can see all inbox, sent items, calendar and other PIM data as same as in GroupWise. I can see and open attachment on web but I disable get attachment in GMS profile setting. This webaccess only directly reference to GW mailbox or really store mail and PIM on GMS? Profile setting only apply to data download to PDA?

2.After I sent a mail from PDA, normally, will leave a copy to Sent folder (I click this option in PDA client), but sent items will sync to GW and auto empty in PDA Sent folder. I already disable Sent sync option in GMS profile.

3. After I deleted a mail from PDA, this mail successfully removed from inbox and I can find this deleted mail in Deleted folder in GMS webaccess and GW client. Again, no copy is found in deleted folder in PDA.

So, my problem is, all Sent and Deleted folder in PDA are auto empty.???