I have a problem with a single workstation (out of over 700) not reporting any installed software. Incidentally, this workstation does not report it's MAC Address either, but all other hardware inventory values are present.
The ports 7460 and 7461 are open to the ZAM server address, the same as all other installations.
On the ZAM server, the log file ColSvrCoreEvent<date>.log shows the progress of data collection with the following error:
"Collector Error::SWScanSuites at 22/10/2008 09:08:12 on WorkstationID by User_Name
Software Scan
[2.1.1057] There was an error executing the Software Scan. (sw error: severity: 3 code: 0x52563631 msg: Invalid path (too long): C:\ReallyLongPath\175Characters\Some Foldernames With Spaces)"

Is this error likely to stop all software collection, or is there another explanation?