I am attempting to set up password policies and challenge/response to help our users control their passwords. I appear to have everything set up and the user is prompted with creating the responses but upon completion of the responses I get the error "Responses were not changed or updated".

On one occasion, all worked. I was able to log in and answer the challenge questions followed by logging in and using the Forgotten Password link, change the password.

Since that time, when I attempt to use the Forgotten Password link, I get "Unable to find NMAS server" or "Unable to complete password recovery: NMAS server can't be found".

Netware 6.5 SP 7. NMAS is running on the server (3.2.0) and eDirectory is up to date ( NMAS authentication is turned on in the client settings (4.91 SP5). WS is running XP SP3.

I'm sure all are related. Ideas?

Thanks in advance.