I've got a really odd problem - I began the upgrade from to and got both primary servers done OK. When I tried to take the next step to test a deployment on some agents, I got the dreaded message about baselining

Here's where things get odd. In the process of upgrading, disappeared from my list of system upgrades. I don't know how, or why, but it did. I've followed the TID to try to re-import it by using both zman and novell-zenworks-configure and both say that the process completed OK, but nothing happens. No errors in services-messages or loader-messages the import just does nothing.

OES 2 (SLES 10.1) & Windows 2003 primary servers on SQL 2005 database, upgraded from -> ->

My only idea is to build a dummy server into the zone from the media and hope it pushes the needed fields back into the database.