BM3.8.5 on NW6.5.6.

for some Vista64 machines I want to allow Internet Access by creating
this allow rule. Shall go below the surfcontrol deny rules, as this
didn't wor it's now placed as the topmost rule in the list:

Type: URL - allow
Source, Host-IP:
To : <any>

The http proxy log shows lines like this one for such requests: - - [22/Oct/2008:16:15:46 +0200] "GET http://www.google.de/
HTTP/1.0" 302 1839

also tried with http/1.1, from a different WS (XPSP2 without
CLNTRUST.EXE started: The BM Login Page finally is returned), didn't

Same for adding the full network (, or even for allowing

type: URL - allow
Sorce: <any>
Destination: <any>

Rules are updated up to BM's server screen.

Looks like I've missed something really basic?

Regards, Rudi.