Having trouble getting contextless login happening on a NW65sp7 site using both 4.91sp4 and Vistasp1 clients. I've installed this before without any problems but must be missing something this time.

Whenever I enter the login ID and hit tab I get an error message saying the user cannot be found on the configured LDAP server. If I try and use treeless login it says it can't find the tree. The LDAP server has a replica containing the users.

I've done the following:
Ticked the boxes in the client
Entered tree name in the LDAP CL properties box
Entered the search scope
Entered the server name and also tried IP address.
Configured LDAP proxy user and given it no password and appropriate trustee rights as per the doco
Assigned that user to the LDAP group of the LDAP server
Unloaded and reloaded NLDAP without error.
Refreshed the LDAP server.

Any advice appreciated.