HP Data Protector 6.00
eTrust Antivirus 7.1 for NetWare
Netware 6.5.7

When backing up more than 200GB of data, it takes 3 hours without Antivirus turned on; and more than 12 hours with it turned on.
We have the Realtime monitor turned on all the time. One solution would be to automatically turn off the Realtime scanner before the backup, and restart it automatically when the backup has finished.
I have found no way to stop and start the realtime monitor without manually doing it. There appears to be no 'stop service' command that I could put in a cron job.

We could disable the realtime monitor, and run scheduled scans, but we backup every night (including weekends). Plus, if we were to run scheduled scans once a week, we wouldn't like to 'wait' a weeek to find out if we have a virus. Sure, our workstations should pickup the virus, but we want to cover all bases.

Is there another way we can do this? Only other thing I can think of is using StuffKey.nlm, however executing keystrokes on an incorrect screen could cause lots of issues. (Mind you, I haven't used the program at all, so can't really comment on how good/safe it is)

Or do we need to look at preventing certain files from being scanned? If so, which ones...hpinet.nlm?

If anyone has a solution to this problem, I would be most grateful.