with the current 2TB limit on partition size in NW, to use an external
storage of 7 TB, one has to create 3 x 2 TB partitions and the the
last 1 TB partion, and from that create a pool.

But,, to save me some time,, surfing around I "read it" as if the
limit wasn't only the partition size of 2 TB, instead the limit is for
the device itself...??

Or, maybe it's clearer the other way around;

IF I create a 7 TB storage, can I on that storage create 4 NW
partitions and then one large Pool ??

Or, do I have to create 4 "raid-volumes" first and present them as 4 x
1,5 TB (or something) and create a single NW partition on each and
the do the pool.??