Greetings - currently I am trying to create a push for the new Adobe Flash Player 10 - but I don't want to allow the auto update to initiate. After a lot of research, it appears that a file must be on the users c:\Windows\system32\macromed\flash -(for Windows XP)- it is a simple text file named mms.cfg - with the AutoUpdateDisable=1 typed in it. I would like have this file copied to the user's appropriate directory when we push this out - I just do not know how to do that. Can any one give me some suggestions?
I don't have the tools to create a transform file to create a transform file - and using Orca is WAY too confusing.
I was just wondering if there was a way to have a script run to copy the file from the server to the appropriate directory onto the client's computer. I am not very experienced in writing scripts. Any help is greatly appreciated. This is probably really easy for the Novell Gurus, and I am showing my ignorance - but wanting to learn. Thank you