Netware 6 SP2, BM 3.7 SP2, NMAS 2.02 , NMAS Radius

Hello group,

I want to set up my Netware 6 server for Remote Access using dialup to

internal 4-port ISDN Interface card.
It's no problem doing this using NIAS and having user accounts in an
additional authentication database.
But I want them to authenticate to NDS (without NW Client on Remote
Client)using RADIUS on this server. - e.g. just using DUN in Windows
(XP,2K etc.)
I know that the earlier versions of NIAS were not RADIUS compliant. Is

it still fact?

Which possibilities or alternatives do I have if I want to use dial-up

and NDS authentication on NW6 server with internal ISDN-Interface with

a "non- netware client" windows pc ?

Thanks in Advance