Situation : HP Proliant DL180 R5, P400 array controller with two disks defined on it. Disk 1 = 750 GB and disk 2 = 3.2 TB. I have installed Sles10 64bits and OES2 64bits on disk 1 and this went without any problems or error's. I also installed the latest HP Proliant service pack.
When I want to make a NSS share / volume on disk 2 I get a error that there are no partitions to create the pool on. On disk 2 however there is nothing. It doesn't matter if I do it with nssmu or iManager the problems is the same. When I make disk 2 750 GB great I can create the NSS volume without any problem. On the 3.2 TB disk I can create a XFS share / volume. Only NSS gives a problem.
Somebody told me that there is a problem with NSS and big disk and to solve it I have to turn on the "auto carving" in the array controller but this isn't on this one.

Any one some ideas?