I brought up a new Firewall/Cache/Radius server on Friday. Got the
Firewall and Proxy fucntions transferred without problems. But I
couldn't get the Radius function to go. Kept getting invalid password

errors on the new box, and still have no problems on the old box
authenticating. I need to remove the old box asap. So any help is

The major difference is that this NBM server has master of only it's
own OU as a partition, and not the whole tree. The old server had a
r/w of root (there were no partitions). Does the radius service haveto be running on a server with a replica of the users it intends to
authenticate? If so, my whole partitioning scheme is kaput.... I was

hoping it could tree walk to a server with the proper data. We use
radius so infrequently these days, that I don't really want to load
copies of the partitions with user data onto this box.

Any helpful hints appreciated.
Christopher L. Davis Network Projects Director
The Principia cld@prin.edu