We use Ghost to make images of our XP workstations for deployment. We have one image for laptops, and we always name the machine "laptop" during the build process. We also have one desktop image, which is named "desktop" during the build process.

Normally I would run zwsreg -unreg prior to sysprepping the machine and then finally capturing the image with Ghost. It appears that one of our image builds did not properly remove the workstation identification information as we had multiple duplicate workstation object entries with the same name, either macaddress:laptop or macaddress:desktop. Since then, I have taken great care to run zwsreg -unreg and also deleting the contents of HKLM\Software\Novell\Workstation Manager\Identification during the build process.

This seems to have resolved the duplicate workstation object issue for new builds but I still have a bunch of machines out there without a unique workstation object name. What is the best way to handle fixing this problem? My thought was to simply run a batch file associated to all users that would do zwsreg -unreg and then zwsreg to reregister the the workstations. Any reason not to do this? Any better way to do it?