Hi everyone,

I have not even been lurking lately with all that is going on, but
things are a little slow at work at the moment so I thought I might
catch up on some news.

How is everyone going?

I have got into a little bit of web design, my first attempt is
www.kingscricket.com, it has been a real learning experience.

I am fine and half way through my masters degree now (which is why I
have no time), the family is also keeping me busy.
My eldest son is learning to drive and it is very comforting to know
that he obviously has not been driving a car without a license. I am
almost at the point of paying for professional driving lessons for him.
Our small car is a manual which is very interesting (I didn't realise
that Corollas could do burnouts like that) and the automatic is a
Landcruiser with a bull bar (he could do WAY to much damage with that).


Blinky Bill