Hi there,

Recently I was at a clients doing an upgrade from SP5 to SP7 the upgrade seemed to go fine however, something happened with LDAP.

After the upgrade I tried to access iManager and got hit with a service unavailable 503 error. Well, I traced it back to Tomcat 5 not loading and traced that back to LDAP failing to initialize. LDAP is coming back with a -634 error.

From there I am stumped.

I have done a PKIDIAG and that came out clean. I tried TCKEYGEN but that fails to recreate the .KEYSTONE file. I renamed the old before running. I get a connection refused with tckeygen, perhaps I am not using the syntax properly.

I also tried deleting the SSL certs and recreating the DNS and IP certs. After I would reassign them to the LDAP Server object via Console One. Still no luck.

For the time being as it is a Mail server I rolled it back to SP5 (most of the clients use Webaccess) and it works flawlessly.

I plan on working on this tomorrow hopefully with some new insight. I have researched this for hours with the client and have come up empty.

If you all have any suggestion that would be fabulous, in the meantime I do plan to seek out LDAP info specifically the -634 error.