Not sure if this is the right forum to post this, but I'm looking for beta testers to test PaperCut - a print quota/management/control solution for iPrint on the new OES2 SP1 beta release. Ideally we're looking for experienced iPrint admins who know the "Novell" way of doing things as the beta testing is not just about bugs but also how we can make it work better alongside OES and eDirectory.

There is some more information here, including a detailed FAQ:

PaperCut - PaperCut on Novell OES Linux (iPrint)


PaperCut is available for Mac, Windows and Linux (CUPS) and Novell was the last remaining platform. We've had hundreds of requests over the last two years for a version for Novell so we decided to start on a project last year. We needed some new hooks iPrint to accomplish the same level of functionality we offer on the other platforms so we got in touch with the iPrint dev. team in 2007 and agreed on a specification. Unfortunately the layoffs at Novell in 2007 delayed the project and it only got under way again mid this year. Once the hooks were in (thanks Devon and Dean), we had PaperCut up and running on OES in only a few days (well a few late nights and a bit of coffee in there as well!). Finally now that OES2 SP1 Beta is public, the hooks are now available to all so we can formally start testing on public sites.

I've also been the lead developer on our development of the Mac and Linux CUPS versions and working with iPrint has been a dream. CUPS is a great idea, but does lack a lot of polish on the management side. Windows has this side down pat for Windows clients, but is a really mess in the cross-platform space. Novell iPrint is the perfect mix so we're pretty excited to finally have PaperCut on OES up and going.

It's also worth pointing out that this is not a "poor cousin" port of a Windows application. PaperCut is very modularized and sitting at about 1/2 million lines of code. It's been written from line one to support multiple platforms. Only around 2000 lines of C code is specific to iPrint and this strategy ensures that we're able to bring all features to all platforms at the same time. PaperCut is new on Novell but has some pedigree. It's a very mature solution (9+ years) and very popular on other platforms starting with W and M and in use in tens-of-thousands of organizations in over 60-countries.

We expect the beta program to run for a month or so and are aiming to call the release "final" on the same day that OES SP1 goes gold.

If you're interested in helping us test, please shoot me an email at a) papercut,com. We're offering all testers who provide feedback a 50% discount on the final release and I also have a few licenses to give away to the sites that give us the most interesting ideas. Also happy to answer any questions people may have either direct email or publicly on the forum.

You'll need some hardware (or a VM) to set up OES2-SP1 Beta. Ideally you'd run this alongside your existing iPrint server and switch over a few clients for testing. That way, when you hear the springs break you can quickly flick back to your stable production server.
We have around 50 sites that have signed up so far but the more the merrier!

More general info about PaperCut on the main PaperCut Website.