Dear ladies and gentlemen,

I'm not realy sure, if I had choose the right board, but I hadn't found any better place.

We're getting a problem during backuping a network.

additional Information:
BackupServer is a seperate server, nothing else is running there.
We're using BackupExec and have 2 jobs per day.
The first is to save the files from all servers in network on a local drive.
The second is to save the local drive to tape.

Since tuesday, when backupdisc - job starts occures following error:

An I/O error at block 7679234(file block 7679234)(ZID 0) has compromised pool integrity.

Afterwards the volume gets unmounted & deactivated.

Found a TID (#10071749) about this problem.
It includes, that I should Rebuild/PoolVerify the defect pool.

After this I can activate & mount the volume again.

Starting now a backup to disc - job all works fine.
Starting a tapebackup - job the fun starts again and volume gets deactivated & unmounted again.

If I restart the Server backupdisc - job generates the server, so game starts completly again.

Does anybody know some solution?

Thanks for answers!