Hello community!

I'm playing around for hours to solve a frustrating problem.

I need to image just the first (NTFS) Partition of a disk and found a couple of solutions to do this in various forums.
One is the way to edit the zmg file with the zmg explorer and remove the unwanted partitions of the image.
An other (and that's the one i prefer) is, to do scripted imaging. I created a script that tells the workstation to delete the first partition, create the first parition with ntfs, activates the first partition and makes an image by copying a1:p1, so the first image partition to the first disk partition.
This woks fine and seems to keep my second partition untouched (what's quite important), but when booting an imaged computer he tells me, that he can't start because hal.dll could not be found (Windows XP).

I tried to do all these steps manually (maintenance mode) to see the states of the machine an any time and see of something brings an error, but all seems to finish without any troubles. The old partiton 1 and the newly created are same size (I checked that).

The sources I tried (zmg images) included just the one partition I want to deploy in one case and the whole disk in other case, both with the same result. Every Image itself deployed to a computer works fine. So it seems to be some problem with the scripted imaging method ....

I hope you can help me or give me a good hint what to do now. It's driving me crazy and documentation is "really helpful".

Best regards

That's my script:
img pd1
img pc1 NTFS
img pa1
img restorep 10.x.x.x //server/path/images/imagename.zmg a1:p1