I just put android on my HTC touch - What works is pretty nifty! I love the UI,
but the buttons dont really map right and the data connection doesn't work
straight away. I'm gonna play with it and see if I can get the data connection
Looks like sms isn't working for me either.
Linux boots ok, but no audio on my XV6900 - so no ringer. haha
Its not usable yet, but the look and feel is there, and I like it! Its got all
the things that I like from the iPhone - threaded sms, awesome looking browser
(hard to test) with zoom, etc. but its open source!

If you've got a windows mobile device with a touchscreen head to:
and see if you can get it to boot. There is a bootloader that runs from within
WM so you don't have to brick your phone to get it to work.