I plan on migrating 4 NW5.1. SP8 Servers (all in the same Tree - eDir8.7.3.x) to 4 NW6.5.7 (OES 2 Netware). I prepped the new servers by installing NW6.5.7 each in its own tree (with temporary Tree/Server name) - all have eDir8.8.2.

According to Novell, I can't migrate from eDir8.7.3.x to eDir8.8.2 !!
My question is: Is it possible to uninstall eDir8.8.2 from the new servers and install eDir8.7.3.x to meet the condition of having the same eDir.

Of course if this is possible, then after the migration, I can upgrade eDir to 8.8.2 on all new servers (all old servers will be retired and taken offline at that time as part of the migration).

Any comments or suggestions is greatly appreciated,