I've been using an IBM Thinkpad for 4-5 years. The hard drive has always made a noticeable metallic hum similar to a light saber. Lately it's been showing signs of system board failure, so I stripped out parts I could resell like the hard drive and cage, LCD screen, and such.

I bundled the floppy and hard drive in one auction figuring that if someone wants the hard drive, then I can get rid of the floppy at the same time. <g>
The high bidder paid less than $10 for it (it was only a 10Gig drive!), plus shipping. It sounded like a laptop-resale place. They paid by PayPal quickly, I shipped it quickly, and I thought everything was ok. Not so.

Day before yesterday I get notification from PayPal that the jerk is claiming the product wasn't as described, and PayPal pulled back the full payment while they "investigate". This turkey is complaining about the drive noise, and claiming that it didn't pass diagnostics. That's funny - it worked fine for me when I ran DBAN on it! I've offered to take it back, but haven't heard yet if he has shipped it. I'm thinking I'm gonna get the shaft on this deal. What's worse is that ebay doesn't allow negative feedback, so I can't really tell the world what a dirtbag this guy is. (yes, I've already placed him on my block list!)

He added comments on his claim to PayPal that I've been giving him a hard time with ebay messages, and that I'm a bad seller. Funny thing is that I've had almost 100 transactions on ebay in 9 years (okay, so I don't exactly burn up the bandwidth at ebay), and have NEVER had a negative feedback until now.

Has anyone else gotten the shaft like this?