I'm getting an error on a newly installed Windows 2003 terminal server.
This only occurs with users that are not members of the local windows
administrators group. However the same users seem to work fine on our
Citrix farm, and those are also 2003 Terminal server, so should be using
the same ZEN policy package:

Windows cannot copy file C:\Documents &
Settings\<username>\ZfdGP\GPT.ini to location

Possible causes of this error include network problems or insufficient
security rights.

Checked the NetWare server (FS1) and the entire user container has
RWCEMF to the entire TSPROFILES folder. I have tried deleting and
re-creating the local users (we are using DLU to auto-create users on
the terminal server) and the local profiles, as well as the roaming
profiles on the server. And the first time the user logs in, everything
is fine, but when they log out, they get the above and when they login
next time they get a similar one stating the profiles can't be copied
from the file server to the Terminal server.

What am I missing?