I am new to this forum and new to Novell so bear with me. When our techs try to remote control a Windows XP PC they may get an error message at the beginning of the session or when the session is closed. The message is RCConsole MFC Application has encountered a problem and needs to close. The techs run ConsoleOne from a server. We then have the user request a control session, the tech supplies an ip address, the tech responds to the request, the user gives the go ahead and the session dies. When I tested this on a couple of PCs the error occured when I closed the session. This appears to me to be a network rights issue. I had the techs copy and run ConsoleOne from their PCs and it ran fine. When I ran ConsoleOne from the network server, but with network rights, it also ran fine. RCConsole appears to be trying to create/write a .txt file in the following folder: \ConsoleOne\1.2\bin\zen\RcLaunch and it gets an access denied. The file is called RMErrorLog1.txt. The techs do not have and will not have write access to the network directory structure. Also, the preference here is to have them run the program from the network.

I am told that this process used to work so I can only assume that RCConsole has been changed to output these .txt files when it didn't do that before. I haven't been able to determine how to turn off these files or whether that would be wise. This .txt file seems to be more of a log file than an error file (lots of RCListener: Ready to accept connections... lines). Does anyone know what these .txt files are and how to turn them off?


Windows XP SP2
Zenworks 6.5
ConsoleOne 1.3.6f