I'm preparing to migrate from NW 5.1 SP8 to 6.5 SP7.
We're currently running NDPS on our 5.1 servers.

I've dragged and dropped the NDPS directory to the Target
Server, within the Migration Wizard's Project window.

I need some clarification on a few points, though:

- In looking over the Source and Target servers, I see in
my SYSTEM folder of my Source a BROKER.NLM file,
but its missing on my Target. Obviously, I need to do
an install for NDPS on my Target at some point.

Is it better to install NDPS, prior to the migration, or does
it need to be run after the migration, for some reason?

- I see there's an update (TID 5029680) that's 'intended to
be run on servers using NDPS or iPrint on NetWare 6.5
Support Pack 7'.

We're currently only using NDPS (no Queues and no IPX).
At some point we hope to move to iPrint. IF I run the
iPrint update (TID 5029680) for the sake of NDPS,
will I need to run this a second time if iPrint is installed
at a later time? [This is assuming my memory is correct
that NDPS and iPrint installations are two separate
choices.] Copying the newer files would be good for
but I wonder if the other modules might be overwritten by
an iPrint install.