I'm trying to set up rule hit auditing with no luck so far. I've
installed Audit 2.0.2 on the BorderManager server, and I'm trying to use
a text file as the data store. I have set the following in proxy.cfg:

[Extra Configuration]

I think the main problem I'm having right now is that BorderManager
doesn't show up under the "Log Applications" for the logging server
object. I've used the RUNAUD.NCF command (edited with my admin
credentials) several times, but it doesn't fix the problem.
AUDITEXT.NLM, which is called by RUNAUD, gives no feedback, so I don't
know what's happening. Any suggestions on this?

Also, in iManager > BorderManager > Proxy Services > Novell Audit... I
haven't configured this yet because I don't know what port to use on the
secure logging server. I've seen some references to 288 and 289. Port
289 is open on the server. Is that the one to use, or if not, how do I
tell? Thanks.

- Jim Wagner