Hi All,

I'd like to get a few opinions on the best method/format to provide a commercial application on OES Linux. e.g should it be an RPM, a self-extracting shell script, or other, etc.

We've recently completed the development - currently in beta - of a commercial print control application ( http://www.papercut.com ) for iPrint on OES Linux and need to finalize packaging and installation format. At the moment we've opted for a self extracted shell script that extracts the files and guides the administrator through the installation on the console. This is the same method we use on other Linux distributions and is preferred by us over RPM (or Deb or equiv.) as it allows administrators to run the installer as a non-privileged user. The installer will ask for root access (via sudo or su) when required for selected operations (e.g. installing init/rc scripts). We feel this is better that an RPM that runs the whole install process as root by default. This is fine for Open Source software where we all have an opportunity to inspect what going on, but for closed software I feel a non-root installation process is preferred where possible.

Is RPM considered the best method for commercial software on OES? Or is the self extracting shell script approach equally OK or preferred? I'd love some opinions!