I'm preparing to migrate from our NW 5.1 SP8 servers to NW 6.5 SP7.

Our NW 5.1 servers have eDirectory

I was just about to update to 8.7.3 SP10b (TID 5028860),
when I noticed our NW 6.5 SP7 servers were installed with a DS
version of 8.8 SP2. . .

The above TID advises to only run this update against 8.7.3.x systems.
Yet, I was advised the 8.7.3 version is actually a later version than
the 8.8.x versions.

What path should I take on preparing our eDirectory for this

- Do I run the 8.7.3 SP10b update on all 5.1 servers but leave
the Target server at eDirectory 8.8 SP2?

- Do I update our NW 5.1 servers to a version of 8.8 so that
it's on the same version as the Target server?

- Do I take steps to remove the Target server's eDirectory and
install it at eDirectory 8.7.3 SP10b (along with the Source server)?