I can setup multiple name-based Virtual Hosts in Red Hat and Fedora in a couple of minutes, just cut and paste and make a couple of changes and Voila.

However, as Novell in the wisdom have scattered bits of Apache all over the place, I've got a proble.

There was a very good article (I thought) on Cool solutions, so I edited listen.conf, created a conf file from the template, edited it as per the advice in Coll Solutions and IT WORKED... BUT

Seems like everything else in Novell, there is always a BUT. If I look at this with YaST, there are multiple instances of the same Virtual site. Not good, but the fun starts when you try to install a second Virtual site.

I created a new template, edited it as I did the first one and now the second one works, but the first one doesn't work any more.

If I look at it in YaST, I have 5 occurrences of site 1 and 3 occurrences of site 2 and if I delete any one of them, I delete them all, but as soon as I reload YaST, they are all back again..

I see there is a yast_vhosts.conf, but how that gets updated is a mystery.

I can run 5 virtual sites on my FREE Fedora box, why should I have such problems with Apache2 on SLES10 with or without OES?

Why do Novell have to take a product which has been working for years with httpd.conf and confuse the hell out of every new user who is thinking of using it to replace existing web servers, by making it so complex that it stops working?