Just posting my experiences;

- Following the 10.1.1 update I could not successfully image my Dell E6500's nor the Lenovo T500's and was presented with a "cannot find installation source" error message. Although the correct driver (e1000e) was loaded and the proper new id parameter defined I still had problems.

- The following was posted on Oct 3 on Slashdot, and appeared to have some relevance to my 'situation':

"As mentioned earlier, there was a kernel bug in the alpha/beta version of the Linux kernel (up to 2.6.27 rc7), which was corrupting (and rendering useless) the EEPROM/NVM of adapters. Thankfully, a patch is now out that prevents writing to the EEPROM once the driver is loaded, and this follows a patch released by Intel earlier in the week. From the article: 'The Intel team is currently working on narrowing down the details of how and why these chipsets were affected. They also plan on releasing patches shortly to restore the EEPROM on any adapters that have been affected, via saved images using ethtool -e or from identical systems.' This is good news as we move towards a production release!"

- Following the release of the full 10.1.1 update the following was made available:

ZENworks Imaging Driver Update for October 2008

Using the files in this update (vs the other full update released just days before) resulted in success for my Dell E6500's and Lenovo T500's. I did add the proper "new id" parameter to z_maint.cfg/z_auto.cfg although I'm not sure it is required.

- Now.. adverse effects included older model types which used the e1000 driver no longer (IBM M52) "worked" and presented a could not connect to preboot server error message. Hitting Alt-F3 or Alt-F4 while initializing the PXE boot environment I noted an error message which indicated that the e1000 driver was not support by Novell with the current Kernal revision.

Luckily.. pointing my new id parameter to point to the e1000e driver did the trick. So.. in short one may wish to alter any newid's pointing to e1000 to alternatively use the e1000e driver.

- Of course we also hit the next problem with the post 10.1.1 update in that the Adaptive agents would install.. restart.. reinstall.. restart.. etc. This was fixed with the next update.

What's up with this very visible 41 component update. I presume the nice little balloon popups can be surpressed in some fashion? Can I append the nice little /passive /i to those MSI's?

I'm not sold on the fact that our ZCM 10.1.1 server is updating properly. Given the track record with this process I am always left with doubt.