The bad email has been deleted. GWCheck has been run against the GW account. The account has been deleted from GMS and recreated. Intellisynchas been removed from the Treo and reinstalled. None of these actions has helped. He also has an 8GB memory card in the device and we have Intellisync installed to it and also have it set for data. I also believe he attached the device to his PC via the USB cable to charge the device. I think it may have synchronized his contact data via active sync. I have since turned off active sync on the device.

Receiving the following:

Pocket PC - 10/27/2008 10:00:47 AM - Synchronization started
Connection Info
Connection type: Dialup
Device name: Treo800w
Sync via: Sync (user initiated)
Bytes in/out: 2874/4914 (* actual over the air count may be higher)
Duration: 00:41
Email Accelerator
Outbox (none mailed)
----- Inbox -----
Error occurred accessing attachments. Verify attachment settings - Inbox Tools/Options/Storage. You should also verify that you have sufficient free storage space.
COM Error 80070002.
X:\Portal\Client\CEOutlookTranslator\MapiFields.cp p 2332
X:\Portal\Client\CEOutlookTranslator\MapiFields.cp p 2422
X:\Portal\Client\CEOutlookTranslator\PFolder.cpp 817
Error occurred while getting email field.
Subject of bad email: *************
Bad email received: 10/24/08 7:27:19 AM
X:\Portal\Client\CEOutlookTranslator\PFolder.cpp 679
Error occurred while getting Inbox records, records Processed = 311
COM Error 80070002.
X:\Portal\Client\CEOutlookTranslator\PFolder.cpp 304
Sent Items (no changes)
Drafts (no changes)
Calendar (1 updated, 12 deleted)
Tasks (no changes)
Contacts (no changes)
Notes (no changes)
Personalized Info (no changes)