We have just upgraded our Groupwise system from 6.5.3 to GW 7.0.3. We used to have a very old legacy Groupwise Async Gateway, which is on version 4.1. Since the upgrade of the GW system, this died. Unfortunately, some of our "Important" users don't want to get rid of this and they insist on using this. I have installed the newest version of Async Gateway (ver 7) which I downloaded from the Novell site but can't get it to sync with the client.
Basically, the installation was fine and I have configured it (hopefully) fine too. But when I go and click on "Hit the Road" in the client it still gives me the old gateway settings. The old gateway is still on the Groupwise system but not running at present.
How do I get the new gateway to show up under "gateways" when I do hit the road, so I can select this and test it. New gateway is up and running on the server.

Thanking you for any help.