I have about 350 home users who connect to my network for the purpose
email and accessing a Citrix app. There are 2 ways to connect, either
highspeed using a Cisco VPN client connecting to a Cisco VPN
Concentrator or
through DUN connecting through a Cisco RAS server. Both access methods
BM3.7 Radius for authentication services.

I need to provide a way to force Windows security and service patch
that requires no user intervention. I have ZfD4 and can provide these

services internally for all users that login to the network. However
if I install the ZfD Agents on the remote machines the users have to
something to connect to the Mid-Tier server for their downloads as the

computers are not connected to the network when they first login and
have no
connection to eDirectory. I don't want them to have to launch a
browser to
authenticate and run updates as this still requires users to do

Is anyone aware of a solution to this problem? Are there any settings
in the
Radius server that would launch a script upon authentication. Most of
remote users do not have the Novell client installed.

Your suggestions are greatly appreciated.
Rob Bennett