I've poured over a lot of info on SLP and Novell Clients over the last few days but I'm still a bit lost. Here's what I have:

I've set up a test environment with a clean install of OES2-Linux SLES / SLP DA. There is no DNS service running at this time.

This box plugs into a small 8 port gigabit switch. Also on this switch is a Windows XP Client with the latest Novell Client installed. No firewalls are enabled on either the server or this client. I can log into my new OES2 install just fine if I tell the Novell Client where the server is with its IP address. I cannot, for the life of me, browse the tree or find anything by that method.

If I log in manually, I can use slpinfo /all and see everything about my SLP service and DA, and its all correct.

With all this working like this, and the computers being on the same subnet, I can't understand why the Novell client cannot see anything. I've even set the SLP properties into the Client Properites and still nothing.

I plan to run this over a routed network but before I can upgrade our Novell systems and routers I need this to work. Is DNS the critical missing piece? Has anyone else fought this?

One other thing, on the OES2 Server I can run tcpdump and see SLP multicast traffic coming in whenever I use the Novell Client to look for a tree or server. It looks like the OES2 server is trying to send info back but it never makes it to the client or the client just ignores it... ??? Can SLP be set up to not use multicast so its easier to route from one subnet to another?

Anway, if anyone cares to chime in, I'd appreciate it. I'd love to know what I am missing here ;)

C:\>slpinfo /all

************************************************** ***
*** Novell Client for Windows NT ***
*** Service Location Diagnostics ***
************************************************** ***

SLP Version:
SLP Start Time: 4:33:55pm 10/24/2008
Last I/O: 10:52:28am 10/27/2008
Total Packets: Out: 10035 In: 58
Total Bytes: Out: 455164 In: 1160

SLP Operational Parameters Values
------------------------------- ------------
Static Scopes NO
Static Directory Agents NO
Active Discovery YES
Use Broadcast for SLP Multicast NO
SLP Maximum Transmission Unit 1400 bytes
SLP Multicast Radius 32 hops

SLP Timers Values
------------------------------------- ------------
Give Up on Requests to SAs 15 seconds
Close Idle TCP Connections 5 minutes
Cache SLP Replies 5 minutes
SLP Default Registration Lifetime 10800 seconds
Wait Before Giving Up on DA 5 seconds
Wait Before Registering on Passive DA 1-2 seconds

Scope List Source(s)
---------------------------------------- ------------

DA IP Address Source(s) State Version Local Interface Scope(s)
--------------- --------- ----- ------- --------------- -------------- CNFG NORSP ? <unknown>

Local Interface
Operational State: UP
Operating Mode(s): MCAST
SA/UA Scopes: <unscoped>,GLOBAL
Last I/O: 10:52:28am 10/27/2008
Total Packets: Out: 10035 In: 58
Total Bytes: Out: 455164 In: 1160
Last Addr Out:
Last Addr In: