We are running windows xp sp2 with the 10.1.1 agent on our workstations. We are experiencing slow logins ranging from 3 minutes up to 20 minutes on some workstations. We also get cases where the user tries to login and the pc freezes completely - only solveable by rebooting. The problem is intermittent and doesn't always occur on the same pcs. I have a task schedule set on our zen server to reboot every night in case it was server memory leak related as mentioned in earlier posts. We have also used the "DisablePassiveModeLogin" registry key to prevent the users from logging into zenworks at login - this reduced the number of slow login issues considerably but we are still having 5 or 6 users per day complaining.
We use trend micro officescan with the firewall turned off and stopped the realtime scan from scanning c:\program files\novell\zenworks and c:\windows\zenworks
Testing our workstations without the zen agent installed our login takes 30-40 seconds. We aren't using any zenworks policy to distribute GPO's. The only zenworks policy we use is a remote management policy.

Can Novell assist?

Attached is the log of a pc during the time that it froze (while logging in) for about 6 minutes but then logged in.