Running VISTA SP1 with Novell Client for Vista SP1 on NWSB 6.5 SP 06. Server is used for file and print sharing. Login script calls for running external capture program. Not happening and no error message displayed. When running on Workstation in Command mode the following error comes up. "Cannot run because PRINT.VLM is not loaded" This problem is on Vista notebook not an issue with the other 10 XP Pro users.

Here's what the login script looks like.

#\\neale_fs\SYS\public\capture /l=1 /q=bro_laser_q /nb /na /nff /nt /ti=10
#\\neale_fs\SYS\public\capture /l=2 /q=laser_plain_q /nb /na /nff /nt /ti=10
#\\neale_fs\SYS\public\capture /l=3 /q=invoices_queue /nb /na /nff /nt /ti=10

Any ideas. Help thanks.