We're currently in the middle of a file system redesign project which
involves migrating home and departmental shared folders from NetWare to
OES-Linux NSS volumes. We have several questions/issues with the process.
Hopefully, someone has some answers for us.

1. We have Mac users that attach via CIFS and their home drives have a
..ds_store file as a result. NSM fails on moving that file and the entire
move process bails out.

2. When NSM moves folders from old servers to new it resets the dates on
the folders to either the current date or some future date, but leaves the
actual time the same. This also happens on some files. Our users
apparently need the original creation dates/modify dates to be the same as
they are on the current server.

3. Changing the home directory volume in a policy in a controlled fashion -
currently our main Student home directory policy is applied at the
container level, covering about 5000 user records. Is there a way that we
can, in a controlled fashion, move their home directory to a new server
perhaps at 100 users at a time?

4. When moving files from a NetWare 6.5 SP7 server to an OES2 linux server
(like changing the home directory location in the policy, we have
encountered the following issues:
A. Directory timestamps are not preserved, but rather contain the create
and modified times of the actual move. This is problematic when we depend
on these timestamps for reports on recently created/modified content.
B. Certain files seem to trip up NSM and cause migration failures,
especially the commonly created MAC file called .DS_Store. We really need
the migration to work 100% of the time.

5. If a folder already exists on a target volume for someone's home
directory, but is not in the NSM catalog, I don't seem to be able to create
this "connection". Currently my workaround is to rename the existing
directory, have NSM create a new empty home directory, and then move in the
contents from the renamed directory into the newly created one. This is a
pain on the large scale. Is there a better method?