Hi There,

We have ZCM 10.1 up and running. We have one primary server with 4 Remote servers and 250 workstations.

We were running the embedded SQL Anywhere DB. Unfortunately we had problem where the hard disk on the primary server ran out of space and we are unable to connect back in on it. Unfortunately, we do not have a backup, so a restore is not possible.

When you get to the login portal on the primary server it does not show the correct Management Zone, but instead shows an old test Zone we had used for the evaluation of Zenworks 10.

However even though I the test zone is being shown I cannot login to it.

I understand that each of the remote servers hold a local copy of the database, is that true and if so can I recover the database from these local copies. If so is there a process we can follow?

If not is the only solution to re-install from scratch?

Thanks very much.