99% of our 6.5 Zenapps are as such, and I need to know how I can recreate this;

The Zenapps are workstation associated. We test with groups of PC's but 99% end up associated to the workstation container, getting all existing and new PC's.

They run as a secure system user, hidden, with no prompting nor distribution screens.

They copy files, set registry settings, and usually launch scripts which uninstall previous versions typically by issuing an MSI command or launching an EXE uninstall if required (like with Java.) At the end they install the latest version.

I have a file which is created at system bootup by a computer startup script which is removed by a user login script. In Zen 6.5 I have a system requirement for this file existing. This way I run these Zenapps at system boot before user login.

The applications are force run, run application once, with logging enabled and system requirements.

We use Zen to roll out updates to things like Quicktime, Alternatiff, .NET, VB runtimes, Citrix clients, and anything WSUS doesn't update.

I'm attempting to build my first Zen 10 bundle and am completely lost as to how to reproduce this setup. Unlike ZfDS 6.5 which had excellent help, I'm finding the help in 10 to be somewhat lacking.

I am running 10.1.1 (SP1) with SystemUpdate_434844 and I deleted and recreated the PreAgentPkg_AgentComplete.exe package (rebuilding it without deleting has a bug where it doesn't rebuild the proper package.)

If I don't have a distribution schedule, is it going to distribute immediately after the policy refresh interval update like ZfDS 6.5 does? How do I do a force run?

Thank you;