We are having the following problems with the iPrint Client for Vista
(tested and replicated in both versions 5.06 and 5.08):

With the iPrint Vista client installed, we go to the iPrint printer
webpage and are successfully able to install an iPrint printer. If we
test the printer immediately, it is able to deliver a printout

When the machine is rebooted, the iPrint printer no longer appears as
a choice when the user is presented with the printer choice option in
the application - it has "disappeared".

If an attempt is made to reinstall the printer from a webpage, it
fails while noting the printer is already installed. An examination
of the registry with Regedit clearly shows an entry for the iPrint

This occurs on both Vista Business and Ultimate; machines have all
current Vista patches in place.

Any ideas why Vista is not presenting the iPrint printer to the user
as an option after the reboot cycle? It's affecting a number of
frustrated users here (primarily notebook computer users).

Thanks in advance for any thoughts.