I am trying to upgrade a couple of test machines from zenworks 6.5 sp2 to 10.1.1 to test migrated applications and after a "successful" upgrade or so it appears, I then reboot, log into Novell and try to launch nalwin.exe and receive the following error. I have tried to install 10.1.1 using zenworks 6.5 to push out this install and have also installed the complete adaptive agent direct from the web (http://servername/zenworks-setup) and have the same issue. I have checked the windows event viewer but do not see anything in regards to this and have checked the properties of adaptive agent and it appears that the user is logged into the zone?

Machines are Win XP sp2
Novell client 4.91 sp4
Old agent - 6.5 sp2
ZCM client - 10.1.1