I have a group of users I am trying to restrict directory viewing for. Ex:
Tree (only tree):
Server 1:
USER1 (user acct)
USER2 (user acct)
USER3 (user acct)
USER4 (user acct)

USERA (user acct)
USERB (user acct)
USERC (user acct)
USERD (user acct)
Server 2 Sys:
|_ testdir

I want User1 on Server1 to only see the User1 subdir on Server2 in Context2, and the same for User2, User3 & User4. They are all part of a group "Everyone" contained in Context1.

Each individual user has been granted specific rights to their respective Server2 SYS:\TESTDIR\USERx directory.
The "Everyone" group does not have any specific rights to the SYS volume on Server2. In fact, I have a trustee setup for the "Everyone" group to server2 Sys: (root) with no rights checked.

My problem is all users in Server1 Context1 have SRWCRMFA rights to Server2 Context2: Sys/TESTDIR. Therefore, they can see all other users' directories there.

I have users on Server2 Context2 that work correctly. Server1 users must be inheriting these rights from somewhere but I cannot figure it out. If I get into the directory in question it shows the only group trustee of Everyone.Context1 [ C ] and one user trustee of Xuser.Context1 [ RWCEMF ]. Xuser is a user in Everyone group and that user needs to see all directories.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. If you need more information please let me know.