We currently have our Service Location settings pushed out to all clients with a STATIC scope and directory agent list.

I want to remove the existing scope list and DAL as well as set them both to uncheck STATIC. (The goal is to use DHCP for pushing out our SLP settings, and not have them statically assigned.)

I ran nciman.exe and created an unattend.txt from a machine properly configured, but when I run this unattend.txt against a currently configured machine using acu.exe, the new SLP settings don't overwrite the existing ones. Essentially, without any SLP settings on the source machine, the unattend.txt has no !SLP lines whatsoever.

So, here's what I tried adding into my unattend.txt:


hoping that the blank entries would remove the existing entries upon install, and that changing the YES to NO for Static would in fact un-check those boxes. That didn't work.

Any ideas?

Steven P. Fusco
Director of Information Technology
Maguire Group Inc.