current SAN getting old and need to replace it, EMC CX300 --> CX4
Servers with QL2x00 cards.

I have been told that EMC can help with migrating, they have tools to
migrate SAN/LUNS, but I don't know how we can use those with NW65
cluster? SYS volumes are on the internal discs, so only cluster
resources to be moved.

What are the options?

a) volume->volume migration
- create new volumes on the new SAN, migrate data with Consolidation
Utility. (Might take a long time?).
- delete old volumes, rename new volumes to match old volume names.
(re-create cluster resources?)

b) NSS mirror
- create mirror, remove old SAN, remove mirror. (less downtime? how slow
will the SAN be when creating mirror?)

c) what other solutions?

Ofcoz, we would like to preserve current volume names, so we wouldn't
have to change homedir attributes, scripts etc..

What if I would like to expand the pools/volumes also, as we now get
more space? Mirroring works only on same sized?

thanks for any ideas, this is new to me,