I currently have a server with a 300 MB boot partition, a 41GB EVMS container (system) and a 27GB NSS Volume (/VOL1). I followed the directions at this site: Novell Documentation

/ (20GB), /var (20GB), and swap (1GB) are all volumes within the EVMS container.

The goal is to image this server, except /VOL1, to a new set of larger drives and expand the EVMS container to give /var more space, recreate /VOL1 and restore data to /VOL1 from tape. All of these are on the same disk and I've had nothing but trouble trying to image this box.

I've tried the following:

Partimage/CloneZilla - Won't recognize the EVMS container
Ghost 8.0 - mass filesystem corruption
Acronis TrueImage 9 - finished in 2 seconds "with errors" but no log to view these errors
Portlock - It will recognize the EVMS container, but it bombs out when you actually try to image it.

Has anyone successfully imaged an EVMS container?

I'm afraid the next option is dd or just tar'ing up everything, which I'd like to avoid.