I'm reposting this here as I never got an answer in the NMAS forum.

After I upgraded a NW6 sp3 server to NW 6.5sp1, my NMAS Radius server
stopped working. The error is Access Request Dropped, Unknown Radius

Radius.NLM v. 4.14 March 6th 2003
bauthpxy.NLM v. 1.10 Sep 7th 2001

It is my understanding the NW 6.5 includes NMAS EE edition (docs
mention it
as well as other locations) and that NMAS is now at version 2.3. My
guess is
that the version of Radius I'm running was for NMAS 2.0 but I'm not
sure why
the NW 6.5 install did not upgrade it. I've tried looking for an
radius NLM but can't find one.

Any clue as to how to fix it? FYI - I've verified that RADIUS was and
is configured for the client in question.