I have a school district client that wants to implement BM authentication.

However, we ran into some delay problems during testing after entering in about 50 default contexts. The contexts used are in the following format:
Since we have 30 schools and about a dozen admin departments, we decided to add school contexts just up to <schoolsite>.educ.usd to eliminate 30 x 3 (staff,stu,tch) = 90 additional contexts.
Thus, we were planning to require our users to enter username.staff/stu/tch at the Bordermanager login instead of just their username.
With a max of about 50 contexts added, we are experiencing delays during the Bordermanager login process. Logins take about a minute or more.
Going in, we understood that we couldn't have too many default contexts, but we weren't sure what an acceptable threshold would be.
Apparently, this number of contexts is still too high.
Are there better methods for referencing the contexts we need without introducing significant delays during the login process?
We are thinking of creating user aliases and putting those in a single container so that we only reference this container in the default context list.
This, however, creates a significant management task given the number of users we have.
Is it possible to reference a container with a group object containing all our users as members?
A last resort would be to have our users enter their full context, but I don't see this coming into fruition since it would generate too many help desk calls.
Any suggestions are appreciated.
The following is the Bordermanager info:
Bordermanager v3.7
Novell NetWare 6
Support Pack Revision 03
Server Version 5.60.03 March 27, 2003
Novell eDirectory Version 8.7.1 SMP
NDS Version 10510.64 July 11, 2003
PROXY.NLM = Version 3.72.07 November 10, 2003
DS.NLM = Novell eDirectory Version 8.7.1 SMP Version 10510.64 July 11, 2003
Total server memory: 2,358,893 Kilobytes

thank you