I now have a Netware 6.5 Sp7 server in a 10 user company, which
perfectly handles, the following tasks:
- file and print server including CIFS and Netstorage
- Groupwise PO and Domain (Internet Agent on another server)
- Zenworks for Desktops
- Zenworks for Servers (mainly the SNMP monitor and log functions)
- DHCP server
- Backup Exec daily Backups
- iManager

I now are about to install a new server on new hardware and maybe
Vmware ESXi.

As Netware is phasing out I think about installing OES 2 Linux on this
server. Would a single OES linux box be able to do all the equivalent
tasks, which the previous Netware server did? Or will i have to deploy
2 to 3 machines for the tasks as above. It is a really small network.

W. Prindl