This is a difficult problem that has been going on intermittently for
a couple of months. Today, Oct 30, 2008 has been particularly bad -
this Compaq Proliant ML-510 server running Netware 6.5.3 Small
Business Server has shutdown on its own about eight times in a three
hour timeframe.

I was watching the logger screen when I saw the message
ACPICMGR - Starting shutdown timer (30 seconds) .
Type Abort Shutdown at the system prompt to abort shutdown.

I typed Abort Shutdown, and the shutdown aborted. Then, about two
minutes later, it did this again. I aborted that shutdown as well.
Another two or three minutes later, ACPICMGR wanted to shutdown again.
I unload ACPIPWR.nlm and ACPIMGR.nlm, but about that time the server
restarted and I lost contact with it.

This time, I have unloaded those two NLMs again, and I'm watching to
see what will happen.

I don't know what it is detecting that is making it think it needs to
shutdown. I have kept PowerChute from loading. I have unplugged the
server from the UPS (both power lines and the serial cable). I have
replaced both the redundant power supplies. I have replaced the
network card. I have opened the server case and cleaned out the dust
(there wasn't much, but I thought it might have thought it was
overheating). I have turned off ASR in the BIOS. I have yet to find a
log that is telling me anything about why the server feels a need to

I have limited access to the server management from outside Internet
connections, fearing that someone had hacked the Remote Management
Console ( web browser looking at 8008-8009). I have whittled away at
programs. I've changed power sources. I've tested the UPS by
unplugging it - it holds up the server for more than 10 minutes. I
can unplug/plug rapidly without problem, too.

So I'm at a loss to explain why the power management portion of the
server (the .NLMs) would get signals that trigger them to start a
server shutdown.


Back on Aug 12, I wrote:
I'm trying to figure out a problem on a server that was super
well-behaved for months (if not years). It keeps restarting for no
apparent reason. It is Netware 6.5 (Small Business Suite), shows
version 5.70.03. It has restarted about 5 times in the last 4 hours.
Once the server boots up, it appears to run well. There are about 12

It started this out of the blue. I cleaned out dust and looked at
things inside, and it stopped until this morning, when the site
experienced a power outage. When the power came back on, this started
up again.

The server is a file/print server, runs Symantec A/V, CA Arcserve,
Btrieve database, and FaxServe. There's plenty of disk space. The
primary application it serves is Great Plains Accounting for DOS.

The abend log file is empty.
The only thing showing in the server heath file is a complaint of
failed logins (which I think is a print server that needs a reset
after the server restarts).

I'm wondering where to look for clues as to the problem.

Its running in a Compaq Proliant. It has two gigs of RAM, a mirrored
pair for SYS and a RAID for data.

I'm trying to figure out what is causing it to reboot.