If you wish to participate in the Irregular Secret Santa gift exchange, quickly send an email to nccisanta@gmail.com with the following information:

NCCI name (if different):
Mailing Address (for gift):
Phone (sometimes required for delivery):
Specific preferences (e.g. no international):
(Hint - for international gift-givers it's often much less expensive on shipping and quicker to shop online in the recipient's country)

On or about the 10th of November, Santa will determine your giftee, and inform you by email (please don't block Santa's email address).

You will then select a gift and ensure that it is dispatched to arrive on or before the 25th of December.

The gift shall have a monetary value of $25 US. Unlimited sentimental value is allowed.

NCCI Santa will begin NCCI thread for participants to post wish lists,
suggestions or questions.