I recently updated with "Update for ZCM (10.1.1)" and now one model of machine that I've been imaging without problem for months is not working. The PXE menu comes up, I select ZENworks Imaging Maintenance and Linux boots. It gets all the way to the end and comes up with a large red error box saying:

Could not find the ZENworks Installation Source.
Activating manual setup program.

If I press ctrl-alt-F3 then I get a bit of the linux load screen and it informs me that the e1000 driver didn't get DHCP information and failed looking for the network server. The PXE server works with all of our other machines on that network except that particular model (Gateway Profile 6 with Intel Pro 1000 PM nic). I've tried multiple machines plugged into the same port and it is specific to that model. The PXE linux was updated so I'm fairly sure that is the culprit; something in the new driver not working with the old network card.

Does anyone have any experience getting these nics to work with the new PXE stuff? I wouldn't mind going back to the previous version of PXE, but don't know where to download it.